How to treat dry itchy skin in winter in two simple steps

How to treat dry itchy skin in winter in two simple steps:


  1. After shower, gently dab excess water from the skin. Do not let your skin dry completely.
  2. While your skin is still wet, apply cream or oil based moisturizer (not lotion!) on your entire skin.

Moisturizers do not add extra water to your skin; they just seal whatever water is remaining on your skin.  So, make sure your skin is wet before you apply moisturizers.  Because the humidity is so low, your skin will completely dry in only a few minutes after showering during wintertime.  So, act quickly.  Apply moisturizer immediately after you step out of the shower.  If your skin itches later, wet your skin first with water, and then apply moisturizer.  If you keep adding only moisturizer without water to your dry skin, it will not work.

Use cream or oil based moisturizers such as Cetaphil Cream, Eucerin Cream, Aveeno Cream, Vaseline, Cocoa Butter, Aquaphor, A&D ointment or baby oil instead of lotion. Cream or oil based moisturizers will last about 12 hours.  Most lotions dry up in 4 hours, so they are less effective.  You may need to apply moisturizers several times a day if itchiness continues.

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Written by Dr. Byoung Yang 

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