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Good health begins with prevention. At BY Wound Care Internal Medicine in White Plains, New York, experienced and knowledgeable board-certified internal medicine physician Byoung Yang, MD, takes a holistic approach to care. He uses your annual physical as a tool to not only assess your overall health but also develop strategies to keep you well. To schedule your annual physical with a physician who puts your health above all else, call the office or book an appointment online.

Annual Physical Q & A

What is an annual physical?

At BY Wound Care Internal Medicine, your annual physical is a comprehensive examination that allows Dr. Yang to assess your overall health. Dr. Yang is an internal medicine physician and an expert in health promotion and prevention. He uses the information gathered during your annual physical to develop an individualized treatment plan aimed at improving your health and long-term quality of life and preventing the onset of chronic disease. 

Your annual physical is an opportunity to improve your patient-doctor relationship, which can result in better overall care for you. The more trust you have in Dr. Yang, the more likely you are to share health concerns with him so he can provide the most appropriate care. 


What can I expect during an annual physical?

You can expect a thorough and comprehensive health evaluation when you come to BY Wound Care Internal Medicine for your annual exam. This evaluation assesses your whole health. 

During your annual physical, Dr. Yang reviews your medical history and any specific health concerns you may have. He also:

  • Assesses body composition
  • Checks heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration
  • Evaluates your eyes, ears, and throat
  • Palpates your internal organs

Dr. Yang may also request diagnostic tests, such as a complete blood count, metabolic profile, and urinalysis, to provide more information about your health and specific body systems. 

Based on the information gathered during your annual physical, Dr. Yang develops your health and wellness treatment plan. This may include updating your vaccinations, making modifications to your diet, and implementing an exercise program.


What are annual physical health screenings?

Dr. Yang takes a preventive approach to care and may include health screenings during your annual physical to assess the risk of common health issues that affect adults. This may include blood tests to assess your risk for diabetes or high cholesterol, or a cancer screening, such as a colorectal exam to assess the risk of colon cancer. 

For women, Dr. Yang may also recommend a mammogram to screen for breast cancer. 

To schedule your annual exam with an experienced and knowledgeable internal medicine physician, contact BY Wound Care Internal Medicine by phone or request an appointment online today.

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